Extracurricular Activities

Varsity Swim for 4 years (Captain senior year); Club swim in winter; JV Lacrosse for 2 years; Pro-Life Club VP; Lifeguard; Tutor

A Message From the Nominee

“My Lourdes experience has prepared me for the future both through an increase in knowledge and an increase in faith. I have grown so much over the past four years and have gained the tools necessary to thrive and be a true Lourdean. 

I was able to meet so many wonderful people and learn not only about subjects but about how to live a moral life. 

I love all the faculty members here at Lourdes but one of the faculty members who influenced me the most was Mrs. Young. Her amiable and caring personality really inspired me. Her amazing teaching ability gave me so much knowledge in my sophomore year and I always loved her daily scripture readings.”

College Plans

Maggie was accepted to Catholic University, Binghamton University, Fordham, RIT, and Siena College.

She will be attending Catholic University, where she plans on studying Engineering. She is not sure what type of Engineering and is open to new ideas.

Favorite Memory from Lourdes

“My favorite memory from Lourdes is, how friendly the community is when walking through the hallways and I feel at home when I am in school.”