Clubs & Sports

Varsity Fencing Captain (Women’s Èpèe); Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse; Pro-Life Club;  Campus Ministry; National Honor Society

Lector for St Martin de Porres Parish; Reach Christ Youth Group at St Martin de Porres Paris; Camp Veritas; Catholic Underground North; Assistant Catechist for Religious Education at St Martin de Porres Parish; Social Media Blogging for Catholic Students

College Aspirations

I want to study Communications and Theology in college, hoping to enter in a track of media advertising, graphic design, or a potential small freelance business. After college, I want to do missionary work with FOCUS or NET Ministries and hopefully get a job working with evangelizing or human rights groups such as LifeTeen, FOCUS, NET, Live Action, or Students for Life.

Prior Schools

Jane A. Hambric Elementary School; Hurshel Antwine Elementary School; homeschooling; Kinry Road Elementary School; Wappingers Junior High School