A Message From the Nominee

I am glad I attended Lourdes because the teachers and challenging curriculum have prepared me for almost anything I will face in college. The community at Lourdes surrounded me with abounding amounts of people that were respectful, caring, and studious, and having these people pushed me to be the best I can be. The challenging curriculum has also given me a step up for college. I will be more than prepared for the course load. I would definitely recommend Lourdes to any incoming students because you are able to meet other students from all over not just one school district. It also sets you apart from other schools. Many colleges recognize Lourdes as a reputable school that really does prepare you for your future. 

College Acceptances

Marist College, University at Albany, Drexel University

Planned Field of Study/Future Aspirations

I will study Biology at Marist College with a minor in Psychology following a Pre-Med track. I am hoping to go to Medical school and eventually either become a Psychiatrist or Surgeon. 

AP & College-Level Courses Completed

AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, College Government, College Psychology, and College Sociology

Extracurricular Activities

Italian Club President, Environmental Club, Varsity Crew, Boy Scouts of America, and Hudson River Rowing Association. 

How has remote learning impacted your education and/or prepared you for college?

Remote Learning was definitely challenging. It was hard to stay engaged and motivated especially when you are not seeing your friends and favorite teachers. The courses I was taking have many “hands-on” aspects but the teachers found creative ways to combat this by finding online labs so that we are able to still learn lab skills outside of the lab. Overall it proved to be a good experience that helped me adapt to new situations.