A Message From the Nominee

The experience of Our Lady of Lourdes and Catholic education has really helped and is still helping me prepare for college. When I walk into George Mason with about 30 credits, that’s about a year of credits! It will give me a lot of options in college, like being able to double major, study a minor, and even walk out with a Masters degree in 4 years! My Catholic Education has helped me have a better perspective of life and made me a stronger Catholic. It also has helped me learn a lot more about my religion that I don’t think I would have ever known if I didn’t go to Lourdes.

I love the small environment of Lourdes. Everyone knew everyone’s name, and even if you didn’t, they knew your name. The teachers and administration at Lourdes are great and always there to help.

College Attending

George Mason University

College Acceptances

Penn State Altoona, Penn State University Park, Mercyhurst University, University of New Haven, Hofstra University, Syracuse University, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Albany, Curry College, George Mason University

Planned Field of Study/Future Aspirations

I’m planning on double majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in Biology, and the other in Chemistry. The other idea that I’m still thinking of is majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in Biology, and minoring in Political Science. Some of my future aspirations are to hopefully get an internship and future job with one or multiple government agencies (like the FBI, CIA, and even the Secret Service) for Forensic Possitions! I would also like to get into Crime Scene Investigation at some point in my life.

AP & College-Level Courses Completed

College English, College Public Speaking, College PreCalc, College Government, College Biology, College Criminal Justice

Extracurricular Activities

During the Winter, I was a captain and apart of the Lourdes Fencing team. During Spring I played on the Golf team for Lourdes as well. During the summers, I work at Splashdown Beach as a Lifeguard. When I’m not lifeguarding at Splashdown, I’m usually swimming in my pool!