A Message From the Nominee

I will forever be grateful I came to Lourdes.

College Attending

University of Connecticut

College Acceptances

Ithaca College

SUNY Binghamton

SUNY New Paltz

SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Stony Brook

SUNY Buffalo

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Maryland

University of Rhode Island

University of Vermont

Planned Field of Study/Future Aspirations

I am currently majoring in Psychology but will most likely change my major. I am not sure what field I want to go into but I love working with kids and helping those in need.

Grade School / Middle School

Saint Martin de Porres School

AP & College-Level Courses Completed

AP Language and Composition, College Criminal Justice, College Psychology, College Marketing, College Sociology, College Calculus, College Pre-Calculus, College Economics, College Government , College Sociology, College English, College Biology

How many college credits will you graduate with?


What subject or class was your favorite?

Psychology and Criminal Justice were my favorite classes. I loved learning about how the human brain worked and why people act and feel certain ways. I loved Criminal Justice because I had the opportunity to meet so many professionals taking time out of their day to talk to us about their field of work. Hearing what a day in their life was like was a really interesting way of learning.

Extracurricular Activities

I was in various clubs, including the American Red Cross Club and the Friends of Saint Francis Club. I played golf before I was injured and also joined the Ski Club this year. 

How has your Lourdes experience and Catholic education prepared you for the future?

My Lourdes experience and Catholic education has prepared me for the future in many ways. Lourdes allowed me to grow into the person I am today and helped me find myself. It gave me the opportunity to take a wide variety of college classes, allowing me to test various interests and hobbies. Lourdes was strict to teach me how to be a mature adult but also gave me enough freedom to start a club, make new friends, and truly engage in the community both inside and outside of the school. My Catholic education reminded me that no matter what I am going through, God is always on my side protecting me along the way. As long as I have faith and don’t give up on my goals, everything is going to be okay.

I am glad I attended Lourdes because...

I am glad I attended Lourdes because of the faculty and staff that supported me along the way. Throughout my years at Lourdes, I always felt comfortable enough to ask for help, whether about school or my personal life, when needed. Teachers truly support you and want what’s best for you, making the day so enjoyable, and the faculty are always there for you even if you need a shoulder to cry on. I have met so many wonderful people along the way who helped me become who I am today. I am also so grateful for the friends I was surrounded with who care about their education and faith as much as I do, giving me bonds that will last a lifetime.

My favorite memory from Lourdes is...

Every walk through the hallway. Yes, there were many fun events throughout every school year, but walking from class to class, seeing other students talking to their friends and laughing in the hallway brought me a joy like no other. It makes me happy seeing these smiling faces whether I know them or not because it is so comforting to know that no matter what kids are going through outside of school, they feel comfortable and happy enough to smile and laugh with their friends in school. This just shows how great the Lourdes community truly is.