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Weekly Message

January 18, 2019
First Week of Ordinary Time
March for Life- Washington, DC

Dear Friends,

     “I do not hesitate to proclaim before you and before the world that all human life—from the moment of conception and through all subsequent stages—is sacred because human life is created in the image and likeness of God. Nothing surpasses the greatness or dignity of a human person. Human life is not just an idea or an abstraction; human life is the concrete reality of a being that lives, that acts, that grows and develops; human life is the concrete reality of a being that is capable of love, and of service to humanity.”

    “If a person’s right to life is violated at the moment in which he is first conceived in his mother’s womb, an indirect blow is struck also at the whole of the moral order, which serves to ensure the inviolable goods of man. Among those goods, life occupies the first place. The Church defends the right to life, not only in regard to the majesty of the Creator, who is the First Giver of this life but also in respect of the essential good of the human person” 

St. John Paul II spoke these words on in Washington, DC on October 7, 1979, on the National Mall in front of the U.S. Capitol.  Words which need to re-echo in the halls of our Supreme Court, Congress, and our New York State legislature who will vote next week on January 22, to expand abortion to the nine months of pregnancy, establishment a NY State constitutional amendment for the right to abortion, and allow non-doctors to perform abortions.

Our Lady of Lourdes School is well represented today in Washington at the March for Life, joining 100,000+ other students and pro-life Americans of all creeds to peacefully witness to the sanctity of all human life-especially the unborn.

Each one of us can be a missionary for the defense of human life, by our teaching; by political and social action to convince our lawmakers to defend life; by support for mothers in crisis pregnancies, and the witness of our love and faith.  

I had the unique opportunity to work with two pro-life New York State Senators for six years. I was their Faith-Based Liaison and assisted them with moral and ethical legislation. I learned that personal contact with your legislators makes all the difference.  Call, write, and visit them!  As G.K. Chesterton once remarked about politicians, “we need to keep politicians as close as possible, to kick them..when necessary.”  

Please e-mail, call or visit your New  York State Senators and Assemblyman/woman before January 22nd.  Do This Today!

Go to: www.nyscatholic.org  and click Stop Abortion Expansion. Fill in your contact information.  An e-mail letter to the Governor and your NYS Senator and Assemblymember will be automatically e-mailed to them based on your voter address. 

Your servant of the Gospel of Life,

Father Thomas Lutz


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