Our Lady of Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL, Poughkeepsie, NY

SAT Prep Course

Our review course held at Our Lady of Lourdes High School is designed to familiarize students with the SAT exam. The course will provide the students with an understanding of the test format, types of questions, and how to approach different types of questions. Through a combination of digital instruction with experienced and knowledgeable teachers, online practice and reinforcement of skills, and assessments to tailor skills, students will be able to develop and strengthen their abilities and improve their performance on the SAT exam. 
  • Our course instructors are highly qualified and students attending last year achieved significant success on the exam.
Course Information:
 SAT Exam Review Class Schedule (9.5 hours)
Week                                    Hours                                                   
February 15                          1.5 Hours
February 22                         1.5 Hours
March 1                                1.5 Hours
March 8                               1.5 Hours
March 15                                2 Hours
 Registration (February 8th – 15th)   Late Registration (After February 15th)
 $275.00                                                 $300.00
 * Cost of Workbook included

Registration Information
:  February 8th through 15th  
The registration period begins on February 8 and is conducted at Our Lady of Lourdes High School. Exam review classes will be considered to be offered only if a minimum of ten students (10) have enrolled.
Parents may use e-mail/mail to register – please attach registration materials.  Payment must be received by February 15th to guarantee a seat. Checks should be payable to Our Lady of Lourdes High School.
No refunds will be granted upon completion of the registration process. 
Contact Information:
Ellen O’Leary                                         Phone: (845) 463-0400 Ext. 1116
E-mail:   olearye@ollchs.org                Website http://ollchs.org

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