Our Lady of Lourdes

HIGH SCHOOL, Poughkeepsie, NY

Mid Terms and Regents Exam Schedule

Our Lady of Lourdes High School
Finals and Regents Exam Schedule for June 2022

Friday June 10, 2022

 8:30am- Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Italian 1, Italian 2, Italian 3 Finals

10:30am- Religion 9, Religion 10, Religion 11 Finals

Monday June 13, 2022

 8:30am-English 9, English 10,US History Finals

10:30am- Global I Final


Wednesday June 15, 2022

8:30am- ELA Regents Exam

12:00pm- Living Enviroment Regents Exam

 Thursday June 16, 2022

 8:30am- Algebra I Regents Exam

12:00pm- Chemistry Regents Exam

Friday June 17, 2022

 8:30am- Global II Regents Exam

12:00pm- Earth Science Regents Exam

Monday June 20, 2022

 No school for students

Tuesday June 21, 2022

 8:30am- Geometry Regents Exam

Wednesday June 15, 2022

8:30am- Algebra II Regents Exam

 Thursday June 16, 2022

 8:30am- Physics Regents Exam

All Mid-Term Exams are one and one half (1.5) hours in length. 

Al Regents exams are thee (3) hours in length.  Studnets may leave after two (2) hours if exam is completed and checked.